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Adult Non-Fiction

Check out these non-fiction books!

Year of the Pig by Mark J. Hainds

Living in the Ozarks and especially in Searcy County, many of us residents have or are starting to encounter feral pigs. And hunting these pesky critters is becoming a favorite sport for many locals.  A perfect companion book for any of these hunters or just those curious about wild hogs, is Year of the Pig. Written by Mark Hainds, who was a forest researcher who became interested in wild pig hunting to conserve the pine woods of Alabama where he is based. Many interesting stories and close encounters with the fearsome hogs fill this book.  There is also a fair amount of history and conservation research in this adventure read!

Children's Books

Hey everyone! Please checkout these books when visiting our Children's Library.

Linus The Vegetarian T.Rex by Robert Neubecker

In this story Ruth Ann visits one of her favorite places, The Museum of Natural History and goes right to her favorite display, The Dinosaurs! However, things aren't as they seem once she goes through the curtains of the display and meets a live T-Rex named Linus, who, hard to believe, is a vegetarian but still manages to scare off a hungry pack of Velociraptors. Join Ruth Ann, Linus and his other friends for quite an adventure in this new book.